Tuesday, September 25, 2007

how to assure and encourage someone that is discouraged or in trouble

be a listener,
b understanding of the other situation,
put oneself in the other person shoe,
providing assurance to the person as they share tat u do want to help them,
then give feedback,
then give solutions,
share from own experience,
other people experience
then ask them for feedback and if tat helps them.

Knowing that will do all things because really concern and very interested to know the situation and hear the person out.

That's the motivation, it's out of Love..

Even thou never experience tat problem before...
never loose confidence or keep quiet coz need to continue thinking and then share something to the person.. coz really want to give support

Believe tat solutions might not be right but know tat the person might feel tat u listen to them and be concern. tats important

Follow up: the next time when i see the person, ask how was tat problem and how is she

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