Sunday, September 9, 2007


You All are always busy with you JOB / BUSSINESS. Have you ever thought of your FAMILY members how they spend their life without you.You come to office, work for the whole day, chat with friends, collegues, customers, boss, etc... But have you thought of your daughter who is too small to go to market alone. When you come to house , Your Daughter requests you to take her to market. It was just for a fun but you scolded , saying that you are tired and you can't go. She goes away crying.........!!

Think , if same demand your boss would have done what would have been your answer!!!!You can't say NO to your boss. Your wife demanded for some money, and you fired her saying that your salary is limited. You did not even bother to know that why she had demanded for money. It is quite possible that she has selected some good suit piece for you with lots of love. You ruined her dream. She wanted you to look more pretty, but it was not in her fate.

Your father demanded that he wants to meet his friend who is staying at very short distance, so can you take him on your car. You bluntly told him that you have no time. Think of those days when you were just a kid. Your father used to take you to your friend's house on his shoulder so that you can enjoy. Now you can't take him on your CAR also.

Your Mother had told you that her medicines have exhausted. You replyed that you will bring it when you get time. Just think of those days when you were so small that you were on mother's milk. Did your mother ever denied you from feeding. Without your demand / crying she used to know that you are hungry and she used to feed you.

Just think of a person who has:- ........ Lost his Mother & Father in young age. He can't call MAA / Mummy / Papa/ Baba to anyone now. You can get many gardians but you can get Parents only once in your life time. When they were alive he did not feel their importance. .......Wife but No Children. He went to Doctor,Temple, church, Gurudwara, Masjid and still awaiting for a KID with whom he can play. ....... Lost her wife at a old age. No one is their to take his care. Although he has got Daughter, Son -in-law, Son, Daughter-in-law, Grand sons, Grand daughter. He has many thoughts to share but he doesn't have the right person for this because he lost his wife.
we have very limited time in our life!! Logic of LIFE period :- Average life of a person is 50 years. You have already lived 30 years In remaining 20 Yrs you have many things to do. In Office you spend 8 hours. i.e 1/4 of day is spend. So spend 10 yrs of remaining life spent in office. Remains 10 yrs. For going to office, return journey, Getting freshen in the morning / evening, chatting with friends, 8 hours. i.e 5 yrs gone. Remains 5 yrs. If for 5 years also you can't love your family members then what is the use of living. SO................................ THINK AND ACT BEFORE YOU LOOSE........................!!!!! All are waiting for you at home to greet you when you go in the evening from office. Have love for them. They are your most loved persons who will create fun for you to laugh, make demand so that you feel that you are their care taker, show concern when you are upset. Then what are you waiting for....................???? Go home directly from office and love them as much as you can.

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